Reviving Retail Efficiency for a Global Retail Chain

Saros partnered with a global retail giant on a mission to enhance their in-store efficiency.

The challenge: the existing tablet devices used struggled to keep pace with their busy stores’ demands and needed to be upgraded & refreshed to enhance productivity and at the same time move the devices onto Microsoft office Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM) to align with the wider IT Strategy of the business. The client’s ongoing Next Generation Tablet Project had encountered several challenges requiring external support. Saros was brought in to collaborate with the groups internal team to recalibrate the project, focusing on aligning the budget, selecting appropriate technology partners, formulating a strategic plan, choosing suitable devices, and integrating these with their IT estate for guaranteed success.

The client deliberated between MS Windows-based and Android tablets. Saros facilitated a thorough evaluation, engaging relevant stakeholders in a trial and proof-of-concept phase for various devices. This process led to the selection of Android Tablets, with the added advantage of matching the handheld devices already being used in a 25-store trial for a new service Click and Collect.   Saros supported in both evaluating and selecting a technology partner, tackling technical challenges of introducing Android OS into a primary Microsoft Windows estate. We ensured a seamless integration with the clients IT environment, focusing on network access, security profiles, and compatibility with Microsoft office Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM)

In the final phase, we supported the End User Computer management team in recalibrating the project budget, reflecting the pricing from new technology partners and the updated count of replacement devices needed globally. These adjustments were incorporated into the Statement of Work (SOW) for the technology partner, integrating lessons learned from the trials and proof of concepts to ensure accurate requirements, and expected deployment plan.   This enabled the retail chain to commence the global deployment project with increased confidence. All critical elements for a successful rollout, including device selection, technology integration, partner selection, pricing, necessary work, and a high-level deployment plan, were established at the project’s inception.


The Detail

Project Objective:

Recalibrate the next generation tablet project to ensure readiness for full global deployment.

Project Scope:

  • Addressed technical issues encountered via introduction of Android OS to Primark IT estate.
  • Manage Tablet device selection process based on structured evaluation via all stakeholders.
  • Manage Technology Partner selection via a structured RFI process with Primark stakeholders.
  • Support recalibration of project with group Leadership, via updated budget, plan & timelines

Saros Responsibilities

  • Lead a comprehensive evaluation to understand the client’s specific needs and challenges.
  • Resolve technical limitations ensuring seamless integration of new tablet devices.
  • Align vendor selection and budget management for project success.
  • Coordinate the readiness of the global project in preparation to launch full project via expert project management.
  • Act as a bridge between the business stakeholders and internal IT organisations.
  • Manage the full project lifecycle from requirements to final handover to the client’s global deployment team.
  • These responsibilities allowed Saros to address the client’s immediate challenges and establish a foundation for project success.

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