IT Governance

IT Governance

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Effective IT Governance provides a structure for the strategic management and growth of your IT environment.

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IT Governance

We will be your trusted partner in managing and developing your IT infrastructure with ease.

Compliance excellence

Saros navigates the intricacies of regulations, ensuring your business meets all requirements while maintaining the highest standards of quality and best practices. With our IT Governance services, you can rest assured that your business complies with regulations related to confidential information protection, financial accountability, data retention, disaster recovery, and more.

Mitigate risks

We guarantee the quality of our services and ensure adherence to the best practices in the industry. Our goal is to protect your business and mitigate risks effectively, so you can confidently move forward with your IT initiatives.

Independent review

With our independent review, assessments, and audit services, we address the top Governance, Risk & Compliance concerns. Our expertise in these areas allows us to identify potential gaps, provide valuable insights, and offer practical solutions to enhance your IT governance framework.

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Start to finish

From initiation to hand over, we offer:

Business & IT Alignment
Digital Transformation
Mergers, Acquisitions & Diverstitures
Business relocation
Cloud & Infrastructure Technology Roadmaps
Sourcing & Investment Appraisals

Business Made Better

Discover how our IT project management services can drive your business growth.

Case Studies


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Project Management Integration

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Procurement Optimisation

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ITSM Transformation

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