Enhancing Retail Connectivity

Saros Consulting partnered with a leading name in the global retail industry to undertake a significant network upgrade. This venture was critical to reinforcing the robustness and efficiency of the retailer’s network infrastructure, ensuring that the bustling store operations could continue to thrive without any disruptions.


Client Overview

The client stands as a formidable force in the retail sector, operating across 16 countries with a distinctive bricks-and-mortar strategy. With a turnover of £9 billion and a commitment to expanding on the High Street, their business model relies entirely on physical stores, making a reliable network infrastructure crucial for supporting intensive store operations and facilitating growth.

The project aimed to transition the retailer’s stores from a legacy network to a more advanced, efficient system as part of a strategic two-year global rollout. With the upgrade still in its early stages, the focus was on building a solid foundation for the expansive network infrastructure across numerous sites.

Key Challenges: Ensuring a Disruption-Free Transition

Implementing such a large-scale project presented several challenges. The primary concern was to execute the new network infrastructure without causing disruptions to daily retail operations. Saros had to ensure that new equipment integration did not interfere with ongoing business, requiring careful coordination and planning. Additionally, the project involved navigating logistical constraints and managing relationships with various third-party vendors, including a significant service provider.

Meticulous Planning and Strategic Execution

Saros Consulting’s approach was characterised by meticulous planning and strategic execution. Key to their strategy was a robust testing protocol, including failover and fail-back scenarios, to ensure all key business systems were operational post-implementation. This level of diligence was paramount in maintaining business continuity and securing the retailer’s operational efficiency.

In managing third-party vendors, Saros acted as a staunch advocate for the client, negotiating costs and overseeing implementations. Their proactive management resulted in significant cost savings, driving the project’s price down from the initial vendor offerings, which was instrumental in delivering the project within budget.

Laying a Solid Foundation

This project is progressing steadily, with a focus on laying a solid foundation. Having moved successfully through Proof of Concept and Pilot stages, main deployment is well underway with excellent feedback from both the stores and the senior Technology stakeholders. Saros’s methodical and considered approach ensured that the project moved forward strategically, setting a precedent for the subsequent stages of the global rollout.

IT Infrastructure for Retail Success

The partnership between Saros Consulting and this global retailer on the network upgrade project underscores the importance of strategic IT infrastructure in the retail sector. Saros’s commitment to meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and proactive vendor management set the stage for successful completion. As the project continues, the retailer can look forward to a more robust and efficient network infrastructure that supports its busy stores and facilitates future growth and innovation. This case exemplifies Saros Consulting’s dedication to delivering high-quality, impactful IT solutions in a complex, dynamic retail environment.

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