Enhancing IT Operations in Global Pharma

The following case studies detail Saros Consulting’s role in two pivotal IT projects for an international pharmaceutical company. These projects, each with distinct challenges and objectives, demonstrate our ability to deliver sophisticated IT solutions in a highly regulated and demanding industry. They exemplify our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and system compliance through innovative technology strategies.

Project #1: SAP System Ownership Transition at a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility


In a project with a globally pharmaceutical company, Saros Consulting was tasked with transitioning the ownership of SAP ECC and associated systems from their Ireland division to the global Information Systems (IS) team. This initiative focused on the Dublin and Kerry manufacturing plants, aiming to optimise operational efficiency and enhance governance.

Project Objectives

The project targeted several key objectives:

  • Smooth transfer of SAP system ownership to the global IS team.
  • Comprehensive knowledge transfer to the IS department.
  • Extensive training across departments for enhanced system proficiency.
  • Development of a governance framework with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Strategic Approach

Our methodical approach was in line with the client’s methodologies, encompassing:

Project Management: Managing the efficient transition of SAP system ownership.

Access and Security Management: Ensuring robust data security and access controls.

Documentation Transfer: Migrating essential operational documents to the global IS team.

Governance and Compliance: Implementing effective GRC measures.

System Lifecycle Management: Overseeing the long-term effectiveness of the systems.

Audit Support: Assisting in various internal and external audits.

Service Delivery Management: Guaranteeing high-quality service delivery.

Change Control and Quality Management: Managing changes while maintaining quality standards.


Outcomes and Impact

The successful completion of the project led to:

  • Enhanced expertise within the Global IS team regarding the Irish division’s business and SAP systems.
  • Improved processes and procedures, ensuring compliance and audit readiness.
  • Greater alignment of the Irish operations with the company’s global standards.
  • Transition from manual to efficient electronic processes.
  • Harmonisation of operations between the Irish division and EMEA, resulting in cost savings and resource optimisation.
  • A solid IS support structure, enhancing service delivery and minimising compliance risks.
  • Streamlined Standard Operating Procedures across various divisions.


This project illustrates Saros Consulting’s skill in managing complex IT transitions in the pharmaceutical industry, achieving operational excellence and client satisfaction.

Project #2: SAP Upgrade – Global Integration Project


The ‘Global Integration Project’, spearheaded by Saros Consulting, was an ambitious initiative to upgrade diverse SAP ECC systems into a single SAP S/4HANA system for the same major pharmaceutical corporation. This project aimed at achieving global standardisation and operational efficiency.

Project Objectives

The objectives were thoughtfully crafted to enhance the corporation’s global operations:

  • Leveraging data as a key strategic asset.
  • Increasing organisational flexibility for quick adaptation to external changes.
  • Boosting overall efficiency in strategic activities.
  • Reducing complexity in operations and IT systems, limiting company risks.

Strategic Approach

Our comprehensive role involved:

  • Business Transformation: Facilitating transformations in key operational areas.
  • Integrations: Ensuring seamless integrations with manufacturing units and external entities.
  • Global Standardisation: Implementing consistent operating procedures worldwide.
  • Cutover Coordination: Managing the smooth transition to the new system.

Outcomes and Impact

The project achieved significant milestones:

  • Successful global integration of SAP S4/HANA for the company’s EU Manufacturing and International Business divisions.
  • Establishment of a unified SAP system, enhancing global data governance.
  • Standardisation of global supply chain and finance processes.
  • Continuous manufacturing production without disruption during the transition.


The ‘Global Integration Project’ exemplifies Saros Consulting’s ability to execute large-scale IT upgrades, ensuring client satisfaction through thorough planning and efficient management.

These case studies demonstrate Saros Consulting’s commitment to providing top-tier IT solutions in the global pharmaceutical industry, emphasising our dedication to operational efficiency and technological innovation. Our focus on client satisfaction and expertise in complex project management solidifies our status as an industry leader.


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