Businesses are increasingly utilising the discipline of project management in recognition that it is a key enabler of corporate strategy delivery. Project management provides the potential to increase projects’ success, minimise the likelihood of failure and ultimately contribute to the overall organisational performance.

There are many ways an organisation can choose to embed project management as a practice, depending on the unique characteristics of the organisation itself. However, certain basic elements need to be in place in any organisation for project management to take root and flourish.


About the Client

Certa, one of Ireland’s largest energy companies, was undergoing transformational change through the confluence of numerous successful energy brands into a single brand and diversifying their product range to connect people and businesses to the most progressive energy solutions available.

This transformation resulted in several large projects key to strategic success as well as numerous operational improvement initiatives to realign organisational processes, people and technology.

Through the rebranding project, the leadership team recognised the need to establish project management as a practice to enable a more structured approach to managing multiple projects simultaneously as the organisation integrates and grows.


Key Challenges

With the increased number of strategic and operational projects, several key challenges were identified, this included visibility of total capacity versus demand of key resources, consistency in project execution processes, alignment of projects to strategic priorities, effective project planning, control and reporting, and levels of project management knowledge / skills within the business.

Saros Consulting was engaged to assist address these challenges and embed project management as a practice through developing a project delivery capability that aligns projects with corporate strategy through an effective execution lifecycle.


Building a Project Management Foundation

With the discipline of Project Management being relatively new to the organisation, we focused on implementing the basic elements of a sound project management practice, which included:


Success Through Visibility and Alignment

This was a key strategic initiative that required extensive collaboration with business stakeholders in creating awareness, understanding and acceptance of project management in the organisation, resulting in:


This case study illustrates the transformative impact of tailored project management practices in an evolving corporate environment. Our collaboration with one of Ireland’s largest energy companies highlights the importance of aligning project management with strategic objectives, demonstrating the substantial benefits of methodical planning and execution. This experience reaffirms our belief in the power of project management as a critical tool for achieving organisational excellence and strategic success.